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Officer Down

Sunday, August 9, 2015


--If you have never been in the position that some of us have been in (fighting for your pension), it is impossible to understand how this feels. Getting injured on the job and being told you are not entitled to your proper benefits is not only disheartening, it is financially untenable. 
I always thought the pension board was there to look out for the officers and make sure they were properly taken care of in such events, then I got screwed. It took almost eight years for the financial ruin to run its complete course. I am now on the bottom rung of a tall ladder climbing back up.
We need to really start taking back our rights and also looking out for each other instead of just being out for ourselves.--

We have a Chicago a Police Officer who needs Financial Assistance!
Please read her story and consider assisting her.
Any amount will help her in her time of need.
Thank you!

Dearest Friends and Family,

I need your help to win this battle I have been fighting for some time now.  

As some of you know, and some it will be the first time you are hearing my story.    I was a Chicago Police Officer for 21 years,  and 3 years ago I was injured on the job, during an arrest.  The injuries I sustained have been devistating, herniated disc's laying on my spine causing paralysis to my right leg and almost severing off my right hand, which is my strong hand.   After emergency hand  surgery I only regained partial use of my hand and had developed severe nerve damage.  To make matters a bit more complicated during all of this I found out that I had 2 tumors in my kidney and adrenal gland.. Yes renal cell carcinoma... Since then I have had my left kidney and my left adrenal gland removed due to the cancer.  

Folks, The process for disability has been a long drawn out one.  One which,  if you interviewed any other disabled Chicago police officers you may hear the same story.  I did not receive money from disability for almost 2 years and went through all my savings to live and exhausted all of my deferred compensation (which is a like a 401K for cops).   I finally received my hearing by the Chicago Police Pension Board and although 2 of the city's doctors deemed me duty disabled and said that my injuries were caused due to the events of being in the line of duty.  I was denied my 75% duty disability.  I was humilated and shamed in the Pension Board hearing.   Their reasoning for denying me 75% duty disability is that they said that this injury was from a previous condition I had as there were prior I.O.D'S (Injury on duty's) all documented as well.   Nowhere did the 2 doctor's say that my duty related injuries were from prior occurences  ~non duty or I.O.D'S.  IN FACT ~The doctors have stated the exact opposite.  The doctor's stated that from viewing ALL evidence I AM duty disabled.  I also filed an appeal in Chancery Court as I was instructed and that proved unfruitful as the judge did not rule in my favor.

Now it is up to me to file an appeal and receive the benefits that I deserve and that I am entitled to receive.  I gave the City of Chicago and the citizens of Chicago ~21 years of serving and protecting.  I would of never thought in a million years I would be fighting the same system I believed in.  I have approximately 30 days to come up with $10,000.00 to file an appeal to receive what I deserve.  Won't you consider helping me win???

I AM grateful that I AM alive and because I did not receive disability income for almost 2 years, as my case was prolonged and dragged out.  I began physical therapy myself creating custom jewelry pieces and teaching and coaching others in healing sessions and workshops.  I thank the Universe that I was shown how to put food on my table and take care of my children while I did not know where our next meal was coming from.    I will never be able to be a Chicago Police Officer again due to my extensive injuries.  But I AM grateful to be alive and assist other people in the way that I AM able.  My heart to serve the community has never died. Maybe you would just like to donate from your heart.  Or maybe you are curious about my custom jewelry and healing and teaching sessions.  I AM open to however you would like to assist me.  I will post my links to my jewelry site and healing site here as well.

Thank you for listening and for being here for me ABUNDANT BLESSINGS OF LOVE, PEACE and EMPOWERMENT!