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ere the TRUTH starts. Public Pension Reform. Law Enforcement News. Officer Down News. Collective Bargaining. Corruption. - See more at:
Where the TRUTH starts. Public Pension Reform. Law Enforcement News. Officer Down News. Collective Bargaining. Corruption. - See more at:

Officer Down

Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Folks,

It is great to be back on the Blotter. It has been a very interesting year or so for me and not in a good way.

Let me recap. I got seriously ill, landing in the hospital a couple of times. Found out I was Diabetic and had serious pancreas, liver, and colon issues. Trust me when I say this, watch what you do as you get older. The pain was unimaginable. But, I lost 57 pounds and am getting things under control. Please take great care of the body you were given, we only get the one.

I lost my mother recently, and I guess I am still dealing with that. They say it gets easier but we'll see.

Now, on to the new Duke's Blotter.

First you may notice the new look. If anyone has trouble seeing anything please let me know. It is just a click to change a color or make a font bigger.

And, I'll re-post our new focus just so everyone understands where we are going.

Public pension reform is still one of our major leading issues.

 Let's face it, I am from Melrose Park (Illinois) and still reside in the area. Many of my readers are interested in local politics so from time to time if an interesting story pops up concerning the local area, I will post it. But that will be the extent of my involvement.

I plan on fighting for public safety employees and their proper treatment by their employers.

I will not sugar coat any indiscretions that are found concerning the police or other public employees. If you make the industry look bad, well, you reap what you sow.

From time to time I may disagree with the police, I am not afraid to voice that opinion and face the flame throwing that may follow.

And I will yell from the highest points to showcase their heroics and good deeds.

No comments are to harsh, however language will be watched and comments will be removed if found to be over the top with profanities.
We will be updating new case law as it becomes available.

We will talk about conceal carry in Illinois. I am very interested if anyone has had any encounters yet with conceal carry citizens. And also citizens contact with the police.

I am an instructor for the CCL and I will be trying to help everyone navigate through this new adventure. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

We will try to post informative reviews on new toys for the job.

I will defend my friends and family to the end.

So, let's get started.