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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Support the Police K-9 Bill Of Rights

--I can't think of a better way to help our K-9 partners. 
Please sign the petition and help any way you can.
Anything and everything is appreciated--


The Police K-9 Bill of Rights calls for the following:

PROPOSAL: The Police K-9 Bill of Rights

SUMMARY: To create a bill relating to quality of life care and treatment of K-9 Police Officers both during their service and after their retirement.


1)      Provide medical benefits for retired police K-9s to include veterinary care, food and other items for their wellbeing for the remainder of the dog’s life. This requirement is effective upon the transfer of ownership of the dog from the law enforcement agency to the former handler or adopter of the dog.

2)      Reclassify Police K-9s as canine law enforcement officers, not as equipment.

3)      Provide cremation services for dogs that have retired from the agency’s service.

4)      Police K-9s will receive the benefits of safety equipment while on the job such as bulletproof vests; paw protectors, and other equipment to help them in their daily job functions.

5)      Provide Finial Rest services to include cremation and recognition of service.


By amending the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, and re-directing 2% of the cash seized by a police K-9 into a third party general fund to pay for medical benefits for retired police K-9s. This third party fund can be administered by multiple non-profits already concerned with the welfare of police K- 9s.


Police K-9 – Any dog that is owned by or employed by a law enforcement agency for the principal purpose of aiding in the detection of criminal activity, enforcement of laws, and apprehension of offenders; or the detection of missing persons, including but not limited to persons who are lost, trapped under debris as the result of a natural, manmade or technological disaster; or are drowning victims.

Retired Police K-9 – A canine law enforcement officer, who can no longer work due to age or a medical condition, who has officially had its ownership transferred from the law enforcement agency to its handler removing him from active duty.

Law Enforcement Agency – A federal, state or local agency or political subdivision having primary responsibility for the prevention and detection of crime or the enforcement of the penal, traffic, game, regulatory, or highway laws of any state and local agency if its agents and officers are empowered by law to conduct criminal investigations and make arrests.

Veterinary Care – Services provided by a licensed veterinarian or a specialist referred by a licensed veterinarian to include, but not limited to, annual wellness exams, vaccines, internal and external parasite prevention, testing and treatment for illness and disease, medication, emergency care surgeries, and euthanasia.

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Jay Meranchik has been a animal handler and trainer for almost 50 years, A pioneer in field of pet assisted therapy, seeing the many things dogs can do to help us in our lives. Now it is time for us to help them to be reclassified from equipment to a living officer with medical benefits in retirement. How can we judge our humanity, if we as a nation consider police K-9s equipment.