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Monday, September 22, 2014

BGA Exclusive: Why Public Safety Mergers Are Inevitable

--This is a big multi-part story so you will have to follow the link to the Better Government Association to read all of it.

One thing that caught my eye is Franklin Park looking to consolidate more services. I know they went to Norcom awhile ago for communications but this is totally different.

I blame the law makers in Springfield for all of this. Specifically any one of them that has been in office more than 10 years. Our law makers have continually misused, misspent, and downright stole all the state pension money. This has resulted in a spinning wheel of taxes. The state raised taxes on everyone including municipalities, the municipalities in return had to raise local taxes. While everyone is raising our taxes to pay for pensions the state is just taking more and charging more leaving the local towns with no money to pay their own pensions and no way to raise more revenue because we have practically nothing left to tax,

And now they want to blame it all on the public employees and their extravagant benefits and they couldn't ask for a better time to do this. With middle class people losing jobs and houses by the thousands in not only the state but the country, what better way for the thieving polidiots to turn the voting public against the first responder and keep voting the thieves back into office.

People need to wake up and see what is really going on in this world.--

A Rescuing Illinois report finds cross-border consolidation of police, fire and emergency services is the next major step for cash-strapped municipalities.

By Debbie Siegelbaum
September 8, 2013 7:47 AM

More than ever, the local cop, firefighter or emergency responder may not be from the neighborhood.

A Better Government Association investigation finds municipal budget shortfalls are forcing a growing segment of Northern Illinois suburbs to consider what was once unthinkable: Merging basic hometown public safety operations with neighboring or regional governments, such as the county sheriff's departments.

Skittish residents, however, are concerned these reconstituted public safety departments will be more widespread and less responsive to their local safety and emergency needs. Nonetheless, the trend is likely to extend deep into other suburban areas and rural Illinois, say public finance and municipal experts.