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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

NEWS: EXCLUSIVE: Clown vest, blood vials among items in Gacy vault

--It is amazing the things they are finding so many years later.
It really shows how far we have come in evidence procedures and how big a role technology now plays.
It is very easy to see how back then that so much was collected and they were able to lose track of it.--

Story and Video at My FOX Chicago


Posted: Mar 11, 2013
By Craig Wall, FOX 32 News reporter

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

Investigators are pouring through boxes and files inside the John Wayne Gacy evidence vault, hoping to identify victims of his killing spree who still remain unidentified.

The Cook County Sheriff's Department has evidence dating back 40 years or more that may hold clues to unlocking the mystery of those seven unidentified victims.

In the process of meticulously reviewing files inside the secured storage vault, detectives have discovered long-forgotten evidence and items never seen before by anyone outside the investigation.

While digging through old case files, detective Jason Moran has discovered some chilling evidence. Among them, a Polaroid picture of Gacy, another photo of him posing with two other clowns, and finally, one photo shows the inside of what would become Gacy's house of horrors--including a poster of clowns on the wall.

Among the other boxes, an undated Christmas card showing Gacy, his wife and two children.

There was also Gacy's prison bible, dated November 3rd, 1968, which he received after being sentenced in Iowa on a sodomy charge before his Illinois killing spree began. It had numerous bookmarks to passages of scripture.

"Some of the verses are about his activities," Moran explains. "I think he was trying to see how much trouble he was in with the Man upstairs."

Another box contained a host of evidence recovered from inside Gacy's home during a search after his arrest. It included a cap gun that Gacy may have used to kidnap some of his victims while posing as a police officer. There was also a switchblade knife, a scale for weighing drugs, countless toiletries, pills, pornographic materials, and a book on Pedophilia.

Some of the evidence was too graphic to show.

"Here's a bag containing a ligature, from a victim, you know, we know that Gacy's victims--except for the first one--they were all strangled, ligature strangulation," Moran points out.

The search through all this evidence is part of an effort by Sheriff Tom Dart to identify the remaining 7 unidentified victims.

Moran says they've also found "vials of his blood in the boxes," which has now been entered into an FBI database to compare to cold cases from around the country.

The FBI recently finished an inventory of the evidence so investigators can build a timeline of Gacy's whereabouts. The data is then going to be compared to open-murder cases, open missing person cases, and unidentified deceased person's cases.

"This is a bag of clothing that was associated with one of the unidentified victims, that was located outside of Gacy's residence, buried in concrete," Moran says.

Then, there is a belt belonging to victim number 5, along with a leather keychain found buried with him stamped with the word "Greg;" perhaps his first name.

There was also a box that contained nothing but 8-track tapes, which were seized because Gacy was known to keep items from his victims and investigators wanted to see if there was any connection. One had an address label from Gacy's parent's home, while another featured holiday music.

"Someone as evil as John Gacy was had 8 track tapes for Christmas time," says Moran.

There was also a copy of the Illinois statutes found hidden in his attic with a bookmark, opened up to a page which reads, "an act in relations to sexually dangerous persons.'"

Gacy became known as the Killer Clown, and one such Polaroid shows him with two other clowns. In a bottom shelf box, Detective Moran made another disturbing discovery: a clown vest belonging to Gacy that perhaps served to cloak the evil that beat in the heart behind it.