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Thursday, November 8, 2012

PAROLE ALERT: Cop Killer Robert Martinez

I was kid living in Hillside when Officer Raymond was killed. I remember the incident very well.

Any Chicagoland police officers that were hired after 1972 learn 3 names when learning about the evolution of officer safety tactics. Detective Sergeant John Nagle, Police Officer Anthony Perri, and Police Officer Anthony Raymond.

Nagle and Perri were killed in the infamous Northlake Bank robbery in 1967 and that changed the way we respond to bank alarms even today.

The killing of Hillside Police Officer Anthony Raymond on October 1, 1972 forever changed the way we communicate by radio.


In 1972 every police department used what is commonly referred to today as the "Old Band" or "VHF'.

When Officer Raymond made a traffic stop that day he was unable to get the much needed information that the occupants of the vehicle had just committed an armed robbery. It resulted in Officer Raymond being overpowered by the subjects, kidnapped, strangled, and stabbed multiple times and his body buried in a 55 gallon drum in a grave in Wisconsin only to be discovered 11 months later.

Because of this incident, Chicagoland area police departments went to the NETCOM system we use today and reduced the number of departments sharing radio frequencies.

Two of the men responsible for Officer Raymond's death, Silas Fletcher and Robert Martinez were apprehended and sentenced to life in prison. The third suspect was killed during another armed robbery in Indiana in 1973. Silas Fletcher died while incarcerated but Robert Martinez still lives and is eligible for parole.

We need to STOP Robert Martinez from being paroled for committing such a heinous and violent crime.

I received a letter from Officer Raymond's family concerning the upcoming parole hearing and a copy of the petition to be signed and sent to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board.

You can download and print these pages by clicking on the images below.

Please, print out the petition and get your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone to sign it and keep this monster behind bars where he belongs. Or send a letter to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board