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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NEWS: (Suburban) Plainfield police ask to store guns in schools

--This has been discussed by schools and police departments since Columbine.--

Story at Chicago Tribune

Associated Press
8:31 AM CDT, August 22, 2012

Police in Plainfield are asking officials for permission to store rifles in the town's high schools so they'll be ready if violence breaks out.

The Plainfield School Board is scheduled to consider the request at the board's meeting next week.

Plainfield Police Chief John Konopek wants the district to install gun safes at its four high schools so the school resource officer can store a rifle. Konopek said having the extra weapon on hand would be useful “if a situation involving a shooter arises.”

"We as a police department, myself as a parent, we see this as another tool to respond if that worst case scenario does happen," Konopek said.

In his written request to Plainfield District 202 officials, Konopek wrote that "unfortunately, in today's society, active shooter incidents are no longer something we see on TV. They are reality. "

School district spokesman Tom Hernandez says the board is willing to consider the request.