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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


--Something of interest I came across in my travels.--

Article at American News Post

by Joseph Fosco
Posted on 14. Aug, 2012

As time passes, it becomes more and more difficult for me to ignore the unabashed culture of criminality that runs rampant in Melrose Park’s village hall. Over the years at ANP, I have written several pieces dealing with this disturbing phenomenon. No Rimshot For Vito ‘Drumhead’ Scavo As Andersson Takes The Case, Vito “Drumhead” Scavo And Michael Wynn – The Modern Day Odd Couple, Joey DeVita Backs Pitassi As Police Chief, But What Does John DiFronzo Think?, The ‘Drum’ Roll Ends With King Vito Scavo Dethroned, “Scoots” Scudiero Is My Hero!, Vito Victorious With Five Year Sentence, Tony Caliendo, Drumhead And Ciotti and A Perspective On Corruption In Illinois are just a few of the articles I have written dealing with the crooked ways of Melrose Park. For a full list of my work in which Melrose Park appears, please click here.

This has brought many people to contact me about the illicit doings that seem to be commonplace in this famously corrupt little village. Some recent tales have shocked me so much that I feel I must do whatever I can to put a stop to the endless graft and backdoor dealing that has marred the reputation of Melrose Park.

There is only one place such a journey can take us. We must go straight to the top, and that means taking on Village President Ronald Serpico.

My sources have often related that President Serpico is at the center of Melrose’s web of corruption. Even if he is not, his inability to clean up the village he supposedly runs is reason enough to remove him from office as soon as humanly possible.

It is to this end that I ask you, readers of American News Post, to come to Melrose Park’s rescue. I want people from the community who are genuinely fed up with Serpico and his backdoor politicking to come forward with information about any unethical, immoral, inappropriate and/or illegal actions perpetrated by Ronald Serpico or his goons.

I want to know how often he visits his 22-time loser friend, former Melrose Park Police Chief Vito Scavo, in prison.

Tell me about his three living brothers, particularly Joe, who, to some extent, reputedly lives on Melrose Park’s dime.

How many of you have heard Serpico tell the alleged story about his visit to Outfit boss Joe Aiuppa’s house the day he was seeking permission to run for office over 15-years ago? I want to know what his exposure is to the mafiosi otherwise known as the DiFronzo brothers. What is the connection between Serpico and the late Outfit burglar Louis Vaselli’s grandson, disgraced attorney James Vasselli?

Tell me what Serpico’s alleged role (if any) was in the destruction of a local business called Smart Box. Why is he building islands down Division Street, which pose a threat to a fire truck’s ability to travel efficiently? Whose pocket is he filling?

I want to know how Serpico was able to get Home Rule despite ignoring the people’s will. How are these hidden taxes affecting you?

And I believe there’s much, much more going on here. Tell me about matters that I am totally in the dark on. Where does he eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (and who is he eating them with). I want to know whose opinions he listens to, and who those people work for.

I would understand if you are reluctant to come forward with information on our message threads. Please email me in private if it makes you feel better. My email address is

If you are interested in cleaning up one of the most suspicious villages in the State of Illinois, if not the United States of America, come talk to me. Please tell everyone you know that this article can be accessed directly at Thank you.